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At Ron's Sewer Service Inc., we are the septic tank pumping experts. We'll help keep you and your loved ones safe and clean with regular pumping done within your county's requirements. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

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Keep your guests feeling comfortable outdoors with deluxe portable toilets. Rent them for as long as you want!

Knowledge is power, and knowing more can help extend the life of your septic system, which saves money!

We serve multiple counties in the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota with 24/7 service.

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When nature calls, you need to be able to get to a restroom as soon as possible. Not only is holding your natural urges unhealthy, it is extremely uncomfortable and can put a damper on whatever you are doing at the time. This becomes especially apparent during outdoor and social gatherings, whether they are big or small. Fortunately, Ron's Sewer Service Inc. has been helping individuals and groups in the areas of Hudson, WI and River Falls, WI with providing convenient and easy restrooms for their outdoor events.


Portable toilet renting is a must-have whenever you have a group of people being entertained and sociable in an open-air space. This is an aspect of the gathering that should never be overlooked, as visitors will always need to use the restrooms. Without one, your event could be a complete disaster. Moreover, you can forget that common yet untrue belief that mobile bathrooms are unsanitary or unstable. When you choose portable toilet renting with this experienced company, you can expect the utmost in customer convenience and satisfaction. We offer for example:

Restrooms with Comfort, Class, and Cleanliness in River Falls & Hudson, WI

  • Deluxe portable toilets

  • Handicap-accessibility

  • Accompanying hand-washing stations

  • Ample lighting

  • Hand sanitizers

  • Decorative aspects, such as rugs, mirrors, and floral plants

These deluxe portable toilets will provide just what your visitors need. The comfort and dependability of these restrooms are one step above the typical bathrooms you see at carnivals, state fairs, and music festivals. Furthermore, there is a wide range of other venues in which these mobile structures are ideal. Examples include:

  • Weddings and receptions

  • Concerts and festivals

  • Parties and social gatherings

  • Construction and demolition sites

With the option to rent on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis, there is no reason not to contact us for your next big event. We are ready to cater to your needs and expectations so you can please everyone.

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